Itinerary, Schedule & General Info

Tournament Schedule & Teams

The Senior Little League Canadian Championship will begin on Sunday July 14th and will conclude with the championship final on Sunday July 21st. The tournament will be round robin with 3 games played daily and one rain day scheduled. Semi Finals will be held on the 20th of July and the Championship Day will be July 21st. A bronze medal game will be played if timing and weather permits on July 21st.

Players will arrive in Ottawa on Saturday July 13th. Teams will have access to airport shuttles to take them from the Ottawa airport to the tournament hotel, only 2 minutes away. Only teams staying at the tournament hotel will have transportation arrangements to the field.

Coaches Meeting

Details to come.

Practice Schedule

A schedule of available practice field times and locations will be discussed at the Coaches meeting. Teams will be required to book practice time in advance if they would like to utilize any practice times.

Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies will take place on Sunday July 14th at 4:00pm. All teams must participate. Teams should arrive no later than 3:30pm. Each team is asked to wear their uniforms and bring a provincial flag/divisional championship banner, which will be carried into the ceremonies. The opening ceremonies are expected to last 30 minutes.

Players' Banquet

The Players’ Banquet will be held at Tail Gators ( located at 1642 Merivale Road. The banquet will be Monday July 15th at 7pm and will conclude by 9pm. The team manager, coaches and players will each be given a complimentary ticket to attend. No additional tickets will be sold to family members or guests to attend this event. Attire for the event is casual, but neat attire.

Note: Coaches you must send in the confirmed number of Coaches / Players that will be attending the Banquet. Max numbers per team 14 players and 3 Coaches, based on your official roster for the tournament.

If you are not planning to attend the banquet at all, please also advise the host tournament director. Please send your confirmed numbers of attendees no later than Tuesday July 9th –to – please note your team’s name in the email.


Teams staying at the tournament hotel, will be provided two meals daily. Meals will be provided to rostered players and rostered coaches. A daily breakfast with varying menu items throughout the week will be available at the tournament hotel. Teams should confirm with the hotel the hours that breakfast is served.

One meal will be provided every day by the Host at the Tournament Headquarters. Lunches will be provided once a day to all participating teams, except for the banquet day, where the meal provided will be a dinner. Teams will be required to provide their own lunch on the Banquet day, Monday July 15th. Meals will be offered to rostered players and rostered coaches. Only one meal will be available per person. Lunch will be served daily at Hamilton Yards (Nepean Sportsplex). Lunch will be served daily at 12pm and available until 1:00pm. A variety of meals will be served throughout the week.

There will be a small concession open during the day for small purchases.

Teams opting not to stay at the Tournament Hotel, forfeit the access to two meals a day and will be responsible for their own breakfast and dinner (exception banquet day, a dinner will be provided instead of a lunch).

NOTE: If a team will not be participating in a lunch, you are asked to advise the host tournament director, to manage food orders and not have wasted food on site.

Team Transportation

Transportation will be arranged for the teams who choose to stay at the tournament hotel.

Host Parent

Each team will be provided contact information for a host parent. This person can be contacted if you have any questions throughout the championships. They will be able to provide you guidance on restaurants, excursions, and entertainment.